Kittelson IT Solutions

“I founded Kittelson IT Solutions with one goal in mind: to consistently exceed our clients expectations.  Since 1997 we’ve been providing solutions for clients that demand the best service whether your company has one computer or one thousand…”

Guy Kittelson
Phones so simple to operate that children can use them!

Time Sensitivity My first large commercial clients were automotive dealerships.  They demonstrated the importance of time sensitive IT resolution because their clients demanded it of them, and it was what we needed to provide to our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.  We carry through with that level of service to all of our clients, so the level of IT service you receive will typically exceed your expectations.

Referrals Every one of our clients was a referral.  That level of quality and reputation is hard to come by in the Information Technology industry.  We were referred because we responded quickly, we resolved the problems immediately, and we were better than full time IT staff that some of clients had before they gave us a try.

As our clients grew and the industry changed, so did our knowledge and expertise.  We learned and adapted to better serve our clients and we will continue to do so as long as we are servicing our clients.  Please check out our pages to see some of the services and products that we offer to our clients.