Avaya IP Office Solutions

Are you ready for a phone system that puts your business’s needs first and allows you and your employees to be as accessible as you want to be in a way that is simple and efficient while safeguarding your privacy when necessary?  Your desk phone, cell phone, laptop, or tablet functioning in perfect harmony for communication with call recording and tracking when needed and privacy when necessary.

Avaya Vantage Android tablet phone available with video conferencing

As an authorized Avaya Partner Kittelson IT Solutions exclusively resells Avaya IP Office on premise and cloud solutions to companies of all sizes.  Whether you have one site or several, or you want five phones or five hundred phones, we can provide you with an IP Office solution that is cost effective and will enhance your communications in ways you had only wished a phone system could achieve for a price you can afford!

Avaya J179 Deskphone with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities available

Whether you have an existing Avaya phone system or you would like to upgrade we have a solution for you.  Please contact us and let us know how we can work with you today!

Avaya One-X App for Android and iPhones