Data / Telco

What is the best data and telephone ILEC or CLEC to choose to partner with for your business?  Kittelson IT Solutions will help you choose the right one, with the right products, to fit your needs and budget. It doesn’t matter if you don’t a “demarc” from basket ball player Demarcus Cousins! We will get you the best product at the right price and work with the vendors to get your service installed as soon as possible, done properly, and have it working at it’s full potential as quickly as we can.

just a few of the providers that we represent and resell

Vendor Option Presentation We will find every vendor that can service your location and what products at what prices are offered. We’ll then present and discuss with you the best options to fit your needs. When you sign the contract, it’s with the vendor providing the service (not us) and you pay them while we make sure your needs are fulfilled.

Vendor Assistance If you have any problems with the phone or internet service we assisted you with, just let us know, and free of charge, we’ll work with your vendor and get it resolved as quickly as possible! It’s our way of saying “Thank you” for allowing us to assist you with your data / telco needs!

E-Rate If you’re an eligible institution, we’re always available to assist you with your E-Rate applications and help you jump through the hoops to get the best price possible!