Product Offerings

Kittelson IT Solutions sources, builds, and resells anything IT related that your company might need.  We will NEVER resell any product to you that you can get for a lower price anywhere else, for example, on Amazon.

Don’t be RIPPED OFF! Some IT companies will purchase and ship items from Amazon, mark them up, and then charge you for that privilege. Kittelson IT Solutions purchases products only through distribution and will always guarantee that you are getting the same (or lower) price than you could get it you bought it yourself online. If we can’t get it for you at the proper price we’ll show you where to purchase it yourself and save you the money.

Standard three year warranty with next day replacement!

Have the confidence that any purchase you make with us is the right one. Always.

Printers / MFP We sell and service most brands and are proud to spotlight Lexmark and Xerox products and consumables. Let’s find the right printer for you that won’t break the bank with what they charge for the consumables that unit will need after you purchase it!

Hardware  If you need servers, workstations, laptops, switches, routers, phone systems, phones, wireless access points, monitors, keyboards, software, security cameras, NVR systems, patch cables, network cabling (yes we’ll even install it).

NSSP 12400 router

Routers  Kittelson IT Solutions resells SonicWALL router solutions. We resell and support Cisco, WatchGuard, Juniper, and any other router that you might have or need assistance with. Our router solutions can offer your business the security you need at a price point that won’t break the bank.
SonicWALL network control and flexibility
Netgear M4300 Series ProSAFE Switches with 10GB

Switches  We resell any switch that you might need in all sizes and configurations including Cisco, HP, Extreme Networks, and others, but we specialize in Netgear ProSAFE Business Switches.  Our clients have learned that they can get more for their money with a Netgear switch – you might be surprised to find that you can get a switch that offers a FREE lifetime warranty?  Stop purchasing those expensive support and maintenance contracts for your switches and rely on a switch that will do MORE for LESS.  You can have confidence that if it fails a free replacement switch will be onsite in one business day if we don’t have one in stock for you to use temporarily.

AntiVirus Software  We resell and offer Trend Micro AntiVirus and malware protection to our enterprise clients.  Find out today why the Trend Worry Free Advanced security suite is trusted and used by so many companies! This product also ties in tightly with our remote management and IT support software to guarantee your systems are safe and protected at all times.

Trend Micro Worry Free Advanced Protection

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services, powered by XGen™ security is the first to infuse high-fidelity machine learning which uniquely analyzes files not only before execution but also during runtime for more accurate detection with other detection techniques for the broadest protection against ransomware and advanced attacks.

Planar Monitors If you purchase a monitor from us, it will usually be a Planar monitor. All Planar Monitors come with a three year standard waranty! If your monitor should have an issue, Planar will send you a new one with their free two business day replacement. Few monitor vendors offer this type of warranty.

Software  We sell and configure / maintain /support / manage Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server software, Microsoft Office, Open Office, just let us know your needs!